Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quote of the Week

Not sure that we’ve done one of these before, but this one was cute, so we’re sharing it:

     The wife and I were discussing a web post where a man described a wrong number phone call.  The person pretended to be the person the young lady on the other end of the line thought he was (not who she was calling for but a father or brother or roommate, it wasn’t specified).  The man went on to say the person the young lady was calling for was out with another young lady, then making it seem like the young man went out with many different women. 

     The discussion moved on to how our fathers would do something like that, deliberately calling the date by the wrong name to get them in trouble, or saying a different young man or woman called while the date was standing there.  We didn’t realize Mantha was listening in.  After my wife said, ‘it’s definitely something my father would have done.’  She came back with ‘Father John, or Father Joseph?’  She thought ‘father’ meant priest.

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