Sunday, June 26, 2011

A much over due update

This has been an emotionally draining week.  A dear elderly friend fell asleep in the Lord and we attended his funeral this past Thursday.  

On Friday, Mantha had her routine, follow-up cardiology appointment.  At her last appointment things had looked so stable and so well that Dr. S said “see you in 9 months”  WOW!  Two appointments in a row with a “see ya in 9 months”  I was a bit nervous but Daddy seemed to take it stride.

Cardiac wise the last 9 months haven’t been very remarkable (thank you, Lord!) but we’ve had some seizure issues so she’s not been as stable neurologically as she has been in cardiology.

Back to Friday’s appointment.  or back up a couple of days.  I had noticed that her right foot was more swollen than usual.   Sometimes her face would seem puffy but at other times I couldn’t tell.  She didn’t always have “puffy eyes” which is my indicator that she’s retaining fluid.

Daddy took her to the appointment and he brought up my concerns.   The doctor saw them as well and noted that she had gained 7 lbs since her last appointment.  That’s a LOT for her.    She hasn’t had blood drawn as part of a cardiology checkup in years, but  Dr. S has ordered several labs to make sure we’re not missing anything.  He’s also upped one of her meds.

So we hope that there is nothing serious going on but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t worried.  She’s been so stable for so long that just having a whisper of something may be wrong is a painful blow to the gut.

Here’s a picture from April 23rd.   We wanted her to take a nap before heading out to our Pascha (Easter) service at Midnight.   She had been making a Pascha card for her Godmother.     The other picture is also from April 23rd.  She was trying on her Pascha dress. 

Mantha Sleep

Mantha Pascha Dress