Thursday, September 17, 2009

Those things kids say.

Mantha gets about 30 minutes a day to play educational games on the computer. Today I was setting up Curious George. I asked her about a particular game on the page and she says "oh no, I played that one years ago!" I am so glad to see that she is playing with vocabulary. "Years ago" is a new phrase for her. For the longest time everything was 2 weeks. My birthday is in 2 weeks. Christmas is in two weeks. The exception would be if it was more imminent. Then it might be 2 days. I could not stop laughing when she said "years ago". I'm not sure she yet comprehends what "years ago" means as she has only been playing with Curious George games for about 5 weeks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An update to the latest Seizure Saga

First I just have to type out the date because I think it's just really cool: 09/09/09.

Last week I played telephone tag with 3 of Mantha's doctors. After 3 days, it was determined that, although a marked change in sodium could cause seizures, Mantha's sodium level had not changed and therefor was not causing the seizures.

Her neurologist increased Mantha's medication by .5 cc's twice a day. That's the largest increase in meds she has ever had. We had to watch her over the long weekend and call the neurologist's office on Wednesday 09/09/09 (yes that's today and I had to sneak writing that in there again).

I watched her "like a hawk" and had her sisters and father watching closely as well. The "blankness" and "spacey" episodes stopped. Her vocabulary became complex again. I hadn't even really put together that she wasn't talking as much. She was *engaged* again with us at meals and during her school.

So for now, we stick with the increased medication and see the doctor for a follow up next month.