Saturday, August 27, 2011

Multiple announcements of good news!

Going to change gears here a little bit, and share some wonderful milestones Mantha has achieved this summer.

1)  Mommy is working with her to start reading and writing.  At this point, she is able to read and write three letter words (cat, dog), knows the sounds of all the letters, but not all their names.

2)  She is able to go to the bathroom on her own when we’re out and about (a sister or parent does go with just in case).

3)  She is now wanting to drop the training pants all together.  She had been stuck on the ‘needing them at night’ for quite a while, but we are finally over that.

4)  She is able to swallow small pills (she’s had liquid or compounded medications, and her diuretic is still liquid).  Her one pill (the most recent change which is her anti-seizure med) needs to be cut down to size, but still she’s able to handle the smaller parts.

On the surface, these may seem to be somewhat mundane, but considering the long road we’re on, any movement forward is excellent!


  1. A year ago she was barely able to copy letters. When given paper and pencil she would "write" by scribbling lines but would not make any discernible letters. In the past couple of weeks she has stopped the scribbles and writes the letters that she knows and has even spelled out cat and dog!

  2. Whohoooo! What a great list indeed!

  3. Sounds like wonderful progress! So exciting!!!

  4. Sounds like wonderful progress!!! So exciting!!

  5. That's so great! Don't minimize what a big deal that stuff is, it's really significant!
    <3 Kira

  6. What great strides you are making:) I am now following. Can't wait to get to know you more in blogosphere