Saturday, August 29, 2009

quick update on Samantha

Sorry it's been a really long time since we've updated the blog. Time has really gotten away from us, so I'll try and do a really short and sweet update for you:

1. Samantha still seems to be doing really well heart-wise. As of her last appointment, the cardiologist was still content to leave her where she is medication wise, as well as not try to do any catheterizations. We are thankful for this and continue to rejoice in God's mercy.

2. We are having issues with her in the seizure department. She has had multiple seizures over the summer, and we are in the process of discussing possible causes with her neurologist. We've done the bloodwork, and the medication level is at the correct spot, but there is (at least for the neurologist) some concern about her electrolytes. We are waiting for the 'consultation' with the cardiologist to see if he is concerned. Once we get past this point, we may be looking at a possible change in medication. Please pray for wisdom both on our part and the doctor's part as we work our way through this.

That's been the two big things over the last few months. We will try and get working more on Samantha's story / history so as not to let that languish unfinished (of course it still is at this point, but we can at least get you caught up to the present, can't we?)


  1. About time you update this blog dear. :)

    You know we're always praying for Mantha here, don't you? Come back on here and remind everyone once in awhile though...

  2. What she (Debra) said! :-) I check every couple of days or so, was glad to see an update.