Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mantha's Story 1: The Beginning of the Beginning part 1

I am going to start at the beginning of the beginning. On January 2nd 1997, BooBear, John and I had gone to Leighton Barracks for shopping and lunch. John was active duty army and stationed in Germany. We lived in Giebelstadt, part of the 417th Base Support Battalion that included Leighton Barracks in Wuerzburg, Giebelstadt and the base in Kitizigen .

We were at Burger King. BooBear had milk with her kids meal. She didn’t finish it so I picked it up to finish it. I got it up to my mouth and I had to put it down. I could NOT drink it. I was sick to my stomach just thinking about drinking the milk.

John asked “are you pregnant”. I replied that I couldn’t be or that it was too soon to know. Well, just in case we stopped again at the PX (Post Exchange) and picked up a pregnancy test.

I don’t remember if I took it that afternoon or if I waited until morning. I do remember that John was home. I took the test and watched as it did NOT develop two pink lines. I was disappointed. I assumed the test was negative, after all, when I took the test with BooBear the two pink lines showed up IMMEDIATELY as I watched! I put the test down on the edge of the sink and went to tell John that the the test was negative. He too was disappointed as we had been trying for nearly a year to conceive. I had to run back upstairs for something and grabbed the test to throw away. I looked at again and I couldn’t believe it. There was a very faint second pink line. I wasn’t even sure that it was really there. I called John and he looked at it. Yes, there was two lines. But I couldn’t be pregnant could I? I think I ended up taking a total of 9 tests over the next couple of weeks. I finally was able to get to the base clinic and have it confirmed. Yes, I was indeed pregnant. Due Date: September 12, 1997.

Strangely around 8 weeks I noticed that I could NOT fit into my clothes. John jokingly asked me if I was having twins. The morning sickness was pretty strong but my dr kept reassuring me that it should taper off by 20 weeks. (I kept thinking.. really? It didn’t with BooBear. It got better but I had all day long, all pregnancy long sickness with her!). The doctor dismissed the idea of twins. I was showing so quickly because it was my second pregnancy. I wasn’t measuring large for date. I became more and more convinced that I was carrying twins. It was just a feeling that I had. And EVERYONE kept asking me “are you having twins?” I just answered, well my doctor says no, but I think it’s possible.

A few days before my routine “20 week” ultrasound (which I had at 21 weeks), I was reading in bed. John was trying to sleep. I woke him up. I just felt the baby move. Not a big deal. I had been feeling movement for several weeks now but this was different. I felt movement on BOTH sides AT THE SAME TME. I told John that we had two babies or an Olympic swimmer!

To be continued…..

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