Friday, February 20, 2009

Cute story of the week

I’ll interrupt the installments of Mantha’s story with this ‘cute’ story. We were getting dinner set up the other evening, and one of her other sisters mentions she’s hungry. Now over the years, I’ve ‘teased’ them by responding ‘nice to meet you’ (yes I know, real original, but I enjoy it). Mantha hears this and starts in with ‘you’re hungry? I’m hungry too. Nice to meet you, hungry’ and proceeds to shake her sister’s hand. It was just too cute, and it shows some of the enjoyment we have around our house.


  1. We do the "I'm hungry - Nice to meet you" around here, too! :) I love your blog. Your sweet little girl is so blessed to have you as a mom. ((hugs))

    (from Homeschool-MovingOn)

  2. He he he he ................
    "I'm sooo excited" (Mantha quote) to have you all in our lives..... love the cuteness of you all!!