Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are you on Facebook?

No, Mantha is *NOT* on facebook, but her older sister and both her parents do have FB profiles. The other day Mantha was sitting with her older sister looking at FB fan pages. They were looking at a Laura Ingalls Wilder Profile Fan Page and Mantha exclaimed "Laura Ingalls has Facebook?"

BooBear simply said yes and no and showed her the Fan Page for Mr. Darcy. I believe the conversation went like this:

Mantha: "Mr. Darcy has Facebook?"
Boobear: "yes"
Mantha: "Did he friend you?"

We enjoyed a good belly laugh over that! Then Mantha wanted to know if Miss Elizabeth Bennett had a page.

Mantha says she wants to have FB when she grows up.


  1. Sooo glad you found free summer movies near you! AWESOME! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a blessed day! HUGS!!

  2. Too funny. My younger two don't have their own pages yet either, but Mr. Darcy does- ha!