Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's Doctor Appointment

We decided it was time to visit the endocrinologist. We haven't seen Dr. G in a few years. That's a great thing! A while back I took Mantha into to our family doctor to get a referral for Dr. G. Mantha is 11 now (12 in August). Our family medical history has females going through puberty around age 11. We wanted to be sure that Mantha is just delayed and that nothing is wrong.

Today was the day of the appointment with Dr. G. John had to take her because I have no voice. We would have preferred both of us taking her but I am thankful that my sweet honeybear was willing and able to do it.

First some GREAT news. Dr. G confirmed that although Mantha is well below the 5 percentile (she's well below the chart period!) she does have a nice growth curve and he seemed pleased with her growth curve. He discussed with John some things that can interfere with starting puberty or cause puberty to be delayed.

Dr. G also confirmed that some previous blood work was all "normal" but did order 4 more blood tests to make sure all was functioning as it should. He also ordered a "bone age" which is a scan or x-ray of the hand to determine how old the body thinks it is.

Surprisingly, we had the results back within 8 hours! Her blood work was all fine and normal, but her bone age appears to be at least three years younger than her chronological age. This news, on the surface, may appear to be bad news but it really is good news! Because her body thinks it is younger than it is, it means she has several more years to grow! Dr. G said this was very good for her height projection. (She will still be quite petite but I was afraid she might not reach 4 ft but she may even reach 4 1/2 feet.)

So she is just developmentally delayed. I can live with that. John can live with that. What does that mean? It means that everything appears to be working the way it should work, but it is taking longer to get there. This shouldn't be surprising at all; this was the child who didn't get her first tooth until she was 19 months old and it was a molar! A molar!! She is so not typical!

And my lesson? I am once again in awe of the miracle of life and God's handiwork. Mantha is fearfully and wonderfully made. Because she is so mentally delayed, it is good that she is physically delayed. God is Good. His timing is perfect.

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  1. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! And we can't be forced into a mold He hasn't designed us for - how good to rest knowing He is the author of all our days.